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Hengding Founded in 2001, focused on the production of PET, PP, PVC plastic boxes mainly vicissitudes temper, after ten years of technology innovation, excellence, has now been the industry's approval, and a leader in the East China plastic box industry. Today, the company and the major well-known cosmetics, baby and other industries to maintain long-term cooperative relationship depth.
Corporate governance norms, science, management and control system has been increasing. Enterprises in the production process has established a complete set of features for enterprise and market management system and strict management processes - - 2005 the company passed IS09001 Quality Management System certification, in 2006 the company imported ERP management system. At present, the company also continued to introduce talents both ability and integrity, steady progress "talent Societe Generale" business strategy.


Heng Ding,Product Show

Hengding plastic boxes empire will become the first choice of customers

Heng Ding,Equipment Exhibition

The new Japanese import Komori XS6 + luv printing presses, the new Taiwan imported bonders, Taiwan's imports of soft-ray machine

Heng Ding,Display Cases

Hengding plastic boxes empire will become the first choice of customers

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